Life Lessons From Micah

I  was recently playing with Micah in our living room.  I took a quick break to the kitchen to get a snack.  When I returned to the living room, Micah was nowhere to be found.  I went around the coffee table to look in the hallway.  No Micah.  I glanced over at the stairs and didn't see him.  Something in my spirit said check the top of the stairs.   Sure enough, the little man had made his way  to the top  and was sitting there with a look of victory on his face.  (Insert Yours truly having a quick heart attack here)

Now I am not sure how fast he was going, but got up there pretty quickly.  After my heart returned to a normal rhythm, I wanted to see if he would do it again.  So, I put him at the bottom of the stairs and he began his journey again.  Once he started, he didn't look back or stop.  He just kept moving forward.   When he couldn't use his foot to propel himself forward, he would use his knee.  I noticed as he got to the top, he let out a cheerful squeal  but he kept going.    I was in complete awe of him.  I kept thinking what a brave little boy!  

As I thought about that event later on in the day,  I realized there are some lessons I could learn from Micah.  The first being, it is definitely time to put up the baby gates!!!!  But, there are four other lessons I'd like to share with you.

1.       Take risks .

a.       Sometimes you just have to go for it! Micah took a huge risk of injury and etc. by choosing to go up the stairs.  Now I know he didn't really understand what he was doing  but he still risked going up what might be a mountain to him!

2.       Make a decision and don't look back.

a.       Once Micah made a decision to go to the top of the stairs, he didn't look back . He just kept moving towards his goal.  There really is no point in living life in a rearview mirror.  Keep your eyes forward and on your goal.

3.       Change methods to accomplish your goal.

a.       Micah switch from his foot to his knee to keep moving forward.  If what you're doing isn't working, there is no sense in continuing to do it.  switch it up and move forward.

4.       Celebrate!

a.       Micah knew he was close to the top so he let out a delightful squeal!  We have to celebrate as we move along on our journey!  If we don't, we risk losing momentum because we don't think we are accomplishing much!  So please take some time to celebrate...even if it is for just a small accomplishment!

I know they may be wee ones to us, but our children have the ability to teach us life lessons in a very special way.  So I would encourage you to pay attention to what your children are doing.  You'd be surprised what you'd learn. 

Have you learn any life lessons from the little ones in your life?