Word for the year

Hello Friends!

I wanted to take all of January to think about my word for 2012 and what it would mean for my life.  We've already discussed my business goals for the year and I sure hope you are planning on holding me accountable.  But, I wanted to have a word that encompassed my whole life; my family, my friends, my business, my home, and etc.  So, I as move into 2012, I have decided to let this word lead me.

I am really going to think about how I am spending time with the people I love, the business I'm growing and the life I am living.  Then, I am going to make intentional choices so I can have the experiences I want.  I know I have only one life here on earth so, I want to make it worthwhile.  What about you?  This video really put it in perspective for me. 

Do you see??  We have been given an awesome gift.  What's holding you back? Take some time to think about how you can live an intentional life and


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