Where the magic happens....

I am always interested in what artists studios look like. It is simply intriguing to me. I often think that if I enter someone's space I will get some of thier talent. ;o) Maybe just maybe some of their creative spririt will jump on me and I will learn thier secrets. Anyway, I wanted to share my space with you. It took a long time for me to acknowledge that I am an artist. I always prayed for the gift of creativity but the Lord showed me that it was already in me. I just had to accept it and play. Enjoy my space. It is definitely still a work in progress. I decided to create stations. Sometimes those station get extremely cluttered, but today you're in luck because I cleaned up finally! Enjoy.

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Liz / Boxie said...

Oh, that looks like fun :) You have so many things to craft with, I bet you never want to leave that room!