I was taking a two week grad course a couple of years ago during one of the summer sessions when the professor asked us to make a collage. Weirdly enough, I had been struggling with the question: Am I an artist? I have always wondered what other peoples’ answer to this question is. Growing up, I was always into art. I remembered wanting to be an interior designer when I was little. I love to rearrange things. Every time I walk into someone’s home, it happens automatically…I redecorate their house in my head. I have never been traditionally trained in any way so, in the past, I’ve found myself standing right in front of that very question. So, what exactly makes a person an artist? I refuse to believe that you have to be traditionally trained to be considered an artist. There are so many works of art that speak to me in moving ways that have used untraditional methods that I just can’t fall for that thought. So, in the collage that my professor asked us to create, I simply collaged “I AM ARTIST.” That was it for me. I just decided that I was one. I mean who would actually stand in front of me, to my face and claim that I am not? Okay…there might be a few, but I truly dare them. In fact, I double dare them because nothing can ever take that proclamation away from me. For the main time though, here is a picture of the current state of my studio. I truly believe that a person’s workspace can clearly depict whether they are a true artist or not…. Does yours match mine?

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