This is my first season of filing sales, use and withholding taxes for the state of Michigan. Major thumbs down!!!! I am at a complete loss as to what I am suppose to do. I don't really understand what use and withholding taxes even mean. I know I will eventually figure it out or find someone who knows what I am suppose to turn in but, I am a little tense right now because 1. I have yet to find said someone and 2. after reading the instructions, I am still clueless. In the meantime though, I am filing my receipts away and updating my spreadsheets I purchased from JJMFinance. It's very useful if you update every month. Of course though, I am very behind in updating and am realizing that I also have to download my purchases off Etsy to put them in the spreadsheets. I also just ran out of paper for printing these receipts so this is turning out to be a very productive night. Since I am not in the mood to play with legal paperwork anymore, I think it would be better to tell you about the highlight in my life right now. I am being featured on a fantastic blog: thedowntownboutique! This is my first full feature and I am very excited about it. I am also giving away a $15 shopping spree to my shop so you must visit thedowntownboutique to find out the details!

Until we meet again!


The Vintage Rabbit said...

I just found your blog through surfing etsy tonight!! It's about time someone started designing some cute christian jewelry...Thank You I love it!!1

smiles, Joy~

Mia Sophia said...

I have loved your stuff for a long time. My aunt actually asked me to make her something with a cross, but I sent her to you because your stuff is so great! Nice to find you here!

Juicy Christians said...

Thanks so much Mia Sophia!!! I need to check out your shop!