Favorite Fridays

Introducing Lirola!

Today is Friday and it's time to share one of my favorite shops on Etsy, Lirola. Liron is the shop owner and I think her pieces are absolutely beautiful. I literally stalk this shop hoping to one day adorn myself with one of her pieces. But right now, I am currently drooling over a couple of dresses!
Beauty #1

In her profile, Liron says that she " loves creating flattering and classic garments that make any woman feel feminine , comfortable and fashionable. I enjoy making garments out of unexpected materials like my sweatshirt dresses that are so fun to wear, and mixing fabrics from different "realms" of fashion like laces and jersey fabrics". Well, I would agree that her pieces are very feminine and would make any woman feel beautiful! I love the flowers on the beauty above.

Beauty # 2

With all this snow around these parts, and the air chilling me to my bones, I can only help but think about summer! And with summer on the brain, a girl can only think about summer get togethers! I can just see myself at a lovely summer shin-dig in Beauty # 2 hearing my friends chat away! I'm sure we'll be chatting about how lovely Liron's pieces are!

Oh, you want more? Well, come on now...I'm not going to show you all of her goodies! Head on over to her shop and check it out for yourself!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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