New Year...

happy new year everyone! from the looks of things, the last time i updated this blog was in january of 09. hahahaha. so much for keeping a blog. well, i am back this year and am seriously motivated to keep you all updated as to what is really going on in the secret life of a juicy christian! to start us off, here's a photo of what's been going on in the studio. my studio neighbor was kind enough to give me a lovely eight footlong table which was just perfect to create the display i've been wanting to create in the studio. i will post more photos soon, but here's a sneak peek.
hope this post finds you doing well and setting many goals for this year. i do feel that this is the year of renewal so i've decided to use that as my theme for the year. what are you focusing on this year?

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Franchesca said...

I really like your display :) I'm a new blogger and I look around for things I find interesting when... I should actually be sleeping haha