tools make my mouth water....

i discovered the glass ring saw today. why didn't anyone tell me about this baby????

this saw cuts any shape you could ever want out of glass! how awesome is that?? I wish i'd known about it before because i would have bought it from the time i started getting into jewelry. you know as i get more involved with making jewelry, i am finding that i am in need of so many more tools! the problem is that i am definitely a tool junkie and if no one is looking or keeping me in check, i will end up with a warehouse of every tool imaginable to man. when i see a new tool, i immediately create a work of art in my head that the tool would be perfect for! it's a sad scene. anyway, the price tag for this baby is well over $300 bucks soooooo....we'll see just how effective my begging face is....i'll keep you posted...


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angela | the painted house said...

I love new tools, too!

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I'm so excited to resume posting again!