Hello everyone.
We've been learning about stewardship at my church in the last month because we are embarking upon a lifestyle stewardship campaign. We're going to raise seven million dollars so that we can build a church addition that will allow us to do effective ministry for the next 30 years. Tonight, the leaders of the church came together to make thier committments. It was truly an awesome event to be a part of. We ate dinner, our pastor spoke, then the campaign consultant spoke. We then we got our committment cards out and committed thousands of dollars to the campaign. I don't know the full amount that was pledged yet, but, I know it is going to blow our minds when we hear it. The coolest thing was when we began putting our cards in the baskets, the wind started blowing really strong and there were some loud rolls of thunder! It was awesome. I know God was there. On Sunday, the rest of the congregation is going to make their pledge. I am so excited to see what we are committing to do. I don't know where the money my husband and I just committed is going to come from, but 2 Corinthians 9:10 says that God provides seed to the sower. So, as we have willing hearts, I am expecting God to do great and mighty things!

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