What a summer!

Hello Everyone,
So, it's been a little hard to keep the ole blog updated. It's been a very hard summer on my side of town, but I think I am ready to get back on my game. I've experienced some of life's major stresses this summer; death of my cousin, leaving a job, starting a new job, moving into our first home, and losing about seventy-five percent of my artwork on my computer. So, I haven't really been in the mood for blogging needless to say. I spent the whole summer trying to recover from all the madness but I think I am in a place where I'm ready to start focusing on my art and jewelry again. I am hoping to be more consistent with my blogging....well,... we'll see how it goes.
Much to my delight, I HAVE started painting again. Yes! There's a lot of images floating around my head and heart that's been dying to get out so I had to pick up a brush. I get really nervous about putting my artwork out there for the world to see so I am feeling very vulnerable right now by doing this. But, I am working on facing my fears so I have decided to include my artwork in my post. The Bible says that we all have gifts and I am determined to use mine to uplift my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. So, here's one of the paintings I've done recently. It's called Take Flight. There is so much I want to accomplish in this life and I think it is really time to FOCUS and get it done.
I am at the point of being tired of living the same know..."I am going to live my dreams", but nothing happens. I seem to be making progress, but not fast enough. I don't know what it is that holds me back, but I am ready to move. So, here's to taking some action, and taking flight!
I hope all is well on your end!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you lost most of your artwork. N'ma ya.

Alene said...

Great post. I'm with you and what I've learned is be consistent and determined in those daily steps. In the end they add up to big dreams being fulfilled. Take flight friend!!!