Prov.3:5-6--A quick study.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path."

So...dears, what can we learn from these verses?

1. Trust in the Lord with everything inside of you.
2. Don't try to understand everything, especially when it's not making any sense.
3. Instead, include God in everything you're doing.
4. Listen for His instructions.

I must say this though. You have to be consistently studying God's word for this to work. You have to be lined up with what His word says. You have to know God intimately; his character, his personality. You have to know scripture (even if it is just one) because God understands His own words. He doesn't move if we choose to use our crying and carrying on to manipulate Him. Yes, He sympathizes with us, but He really isn't moved to action by those behaviors. Speak His words back to Him and He will do what He said (Isaiah 55:11). Look back over your life and see the experiences you've had with him. What did He do for you back then that proves He can do what you're asking Him now?


IOUJESUS said...

Love it and so true. God is good!

Iona C. said...

I love this, too!

#2 is hard for me because I love to question "why this" or "why that".

Your concluding suggestion was perfect because when I think about all of God's faithfulness to me in the past, I feel any doubt that He loves me and will work in my life in the present and future just dissolve away.

Hope you're doing well!

- Iona

Alene said...

What an awesome verse to remind me that God is in control and not me. Awesome post. Thanks friend.