Dreaming Big Dreams

It's been settled. I will have more time to devote to art. May 9th is the day the journey "officially" begins. Am I freaking out? I really should be, but I have a sense of peace with the decision. Nothing about this decision really makes sense if you sit and think about it logically. Somehow, this is something I feel I MUST do. I am just sensing this in my spirit and the more I ignore it, the louder and more bothersome it gets.
This collage is basically where I am at right now. I am dreaming some really big dreams. It seems as though people around me are already where I want to be and honestly, it's hard sometimes to believe that there is room for me too. But, I turn to God and am reminded that I have a purpose and these gifts are for a reason and that my gifts will make room for me. Today, I sent my favorite quote to someone and it encouraged me too. There IS room for my light to shine too. So, again, I have to put one foot in front of the other and keep my eyes focused on the Lord and the journey He has placed before me. So, I am choosing again to create art, to create jewelry, and to trust... That's the only way to walk on water right? Where are you at in your journey? Are you there yet? Are you struggling?


Valerie Ott Photography said...

I feel like this post is aimed directly at me!

Juicy Christians said...

Really Girl? I look to you as an inspiration of where I want to be!

Jessica @ fruitpants said...

You are both an inspiration to me! I am so proud of you guys for following your dreams and making them happen! You are full of talent and the world deserves to see some of it :) xoja!