Movies That Inspire Me

Penelope. Isn't that a lovely name? It makes me think of someone who is charming, full of life, and surprises. I actually don't know why that name conjures up thoughts like that. I watched the movie Penelope recently and I absolutely loved it. For me, it falls in the category of Legally Blonde. You know, the empowerment of women. I love the premise of the movie...about a girl trying to find her way to self-acceptance. A serious passion of mine is to help young women find their way to self acceptance no matter what they look like or what the world expects them to be. There are so many messages that bombard women today about what we should be or what we should act like. So it was nice to watch this movie to give myself some sort of inspiration....well...more of a re-inspiration to move more into that direction. Helping young women find power in themselves no matter what the world expects of them.

Right now I am in the process of organizing my studio. It is quite a mess. I should post some photos for you to see, but I do not want scare you. There's just a lot going on in my mind right now for where Juicy Christians needs to go so I need every surface and space around me to be in order. God is a God of order and in my experience, when things aren't in order in my life, it tends to get chaotic. So, I guess I want to bring some order to the "chaos" in my studio....:o). We will see how long that lasts. Hopefully, I can find some plastic storage carts on sale. I also want to work on some new ideas and play around with some new mediums, materials and etc. I don't know how much time I will get to play since August is an extremely busy month for me. Hopefully, I get all I need to get done by August 1. Good luck to me! What are you working on?

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I love your jewelry! I just discovered your blog, stumbled on it late one sleepless night last week via a websearch for something now long forgotten, but have enjoyed catching up. Let us know if you find cool storage stuff...always looking for ways to corral all those beads and art supplies myself! Jackie

~Kat's Life~ said...

my daughter loves that movie!!! you posted a comment on my blog about the cuttlebug at walmart... I checked and they didn't have it there :( sad I guess mine just don't carry them i saw the cricut though that was super expensive!!